July 26, 2011

How to: Tufted Ottoman

Thank you so much for all of the praise regarding my MIL Living Room fabrics {see design process here, here & here}!  Yes that ottoman fabric is beautiful!  
I should say it was very laborious but in fact it was not... I had a whole lot of help!  By who do you ask... from Overstock.com!!  Originally I had planned on turning her existing coffee table that was in her family/tv room into a tufted ottoman, but after a week of the grandkids being there they soon realized that they liked having the table in the family room next to the tv.  My MIL still liked the coffee table so she was not quite ready to re-purpose it.  So then she suggested my FIL build an ottoman that I could upholster and asked me for a building cut sheet.  I thought that would be a great idea... but what did she want kinda of style was she thinking about? And what tools did he have {i.e. how elaborate could I design it}?  She had been hanging on to a picture of a living room as an inspiration space and the ottoman in the space was very ornate.  It would have been very hard to build!  I spent some time looking at ottomans and sending her some photos so she could narrow it down.  One of the photos was this ottoman from Overstock.com

When my MIL saw it she told me that she had been eying that exact ottoman for over a year!  I told her then why don't you order it and I will change out the fabric... It was perfect!  Perfect size, style, and easily changed!

Once the tufted ottoman was off of the base {it came off just like a seat of a dining room chair would} I flipped it over and began to remove ALL of the staples.  I remember at one point in this process reminding myself that I would never take out staples again after my wingback chairs... but oh how that was short lived!  I think my hands are still a little sore!!  

Lucky for me the foam, batting, and button placement came with the ottoman {since it was already completed!} so I as able to skip measuring and the jig making for all of the holes!

Next I measured out the fabric needed...  And then moved onto my 2nd favorite thing to do next to pulling out staples...

Making buttons!! All 28 of them!  Yes I said 28!! {It is a good thing she is my MIL and on the friends and family plan or I would have charged a whole lot extra for them!! After making buttons for this upholstered tufted headboard for a client, I wanted to be done with the buttons for a while!}  Here is a little tip: Add a small amount of fabric glue to the back {between the fabric and the button back} when you are making your buttons.  On both occasions I have had some of the button covers pop off of the backing when I was pulling to "tuft."  If you apply the glue it just gives it a little extra staying power.

Next I took my long upholstering needle and twine and fished all of the buttons in to their spots.  I thought this would be a time saver, but in the end it was not.  After my MIL and I pulled the middle buttons and worked our way out, the outer buttons were off because of how much tuft there was.  So next time I would attach the button and pull tight at the same time.  After we were finished with that we stapled the edges working from the center to the corners. {I would have taken pictures but it was 105 degrees in her garage and we just wanted to be done!!}

Attach base again {we left the self out} and you have a customized ottoman!


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Janis@ Home Style said...

I feel your pain....staples are the worse. But this ottoman was totally worth it!!!

I'm working on an ottoman and really didn't want to do the buttons (being lazy) but I think after seeing yours again, the tufting really does make the piece more finished.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

That's amazing! The fabric looks great.