July 12, 2011

Billy Bookcases: Best of the Hacks

I love Ikea!  I think it is a great place for every design style and every budget.  I love that when I go there with a client or friend I am constantly inspired to take what they have and put my own custom spin on it.  Same clean modern lines that Ikea offers, but not so much Ikea.  This has become know as Ikea hacking.  There actually is a whole website devoted to taking Ikea products and customizing them!  Recently I hacked this dresser for a client project.  Yesterday I spent the morning wandering Ikea with a friend/client.  She wanted to take her front room from a playroom to an office/den.  We only needed a few things but one of them was a set of Billy Bookcases.

 I love this bookcase!  It is simple and so customizable!! I will have pictures of the new office/den a little later {right now we have kept the Billy bookcases in their original form, but I am sure when my friend/client reads this she will be wanting to change that}!  

I wanted to find some of the best Billy Bookcase hacks.  There are so many amazing ones, but here are my favorite:

 This hack is pretty amazing!  I love the added molding and lighting!  See the full tutorial here!


 How awesome is this idea... a small compact bar!  Ready to shake a martini anytime!

This is a great example of how to make them feel like built-ins.  They have smaller widths on the sides and the shelves are staggered.

 Wallpapering or painting the back is a great way to customize your Billys! 

What an awesome spot to read!  I think it is just brilliant how the middle ones were bumped out!  See the full tutorial here.

 Inspired to customize a Billy for yourself?


Shermika said...

These are some great ideas! I'm thinking of purchasing one for my shoes.