May 16, 2011

Online Shelter Magazines

Happy Monday!  Did everyone have a good weekend?

This weekend I sent some time browsing so new online magazines and I thought I would share.  If you know me I LOVE my magazines {and don't I get plenty}!!  But online magazines are even better!  I can read all of the articles... bookmark the pages, digitally... or click on the picture and it will send me directly to the website for the product!  How COOL is that!!  Here are the two most recent ones I have found...
Ivy & Piper
  Ivy & Piper is a smartly written magazine that combines fashion, interiors, and fun editorials.  
{click, here to read}

High Gloss Magazine
My second is High Gloss.  This is serious eye candy!! It is something to read if you really want to see what the people who have money are buying.  I probably can't afford anything in this mag... but it does make for some good inspiration!
{click, here to read}

Happy Reading!


Yelena Kublitski said...

You sure are great at sourcing stuff, Tiffany :) I've never even heard of those publications, and they do look fab - guess you know where to find me now for the next few days, haha!