March 1, 2011

Weekend DIY... Cork Tile Mirror {AFTER}

So I know this is a day late, but I had some technical difficulties with my blog yesterday.    It literally just went away!  It was a little stressing, but all is fixed now {I hope} and I will continue posting as normal!

I am so VERY EXCITED about how this turned out... and best of all my clients love it too!!  I will have to admit it took a lot of thought {brainstorming with the hubs} to get this to turn out right.  It couldn't be too heavy, but couldn't be too flimsy.  Over all I would change a few things in the design process, but the end result turned out amazing!!

The Process:
The client already had the molding {it is door casing!} We cut down the molding at 45 degrees on the corners and attached it to the backing.

We used 1/4" birch ply wood for the backing. First we used Liquid Nails to glue the molding down but it was a little warped so in the end we had to use a nail gun. The nails were way to long so after it was attached and painted we snipped the nails flush to the back.

After all of the molding was attached we figured out exactly how much room was left for the cork boarder. {Originally I wanted the inside dimensions to be  60" x 48" BUT I forgot to account for the molding!!!! OOPS!! It still worked out!}

 We snapped a chalk line so we could tell where to glue the mirrors down, but still leave a even space for the boarder.  The mirrors were only about 1/8" thick, so to make them a little more flush with the cork we glued down extra 1/4" ply wood {it also made it a little more ridged.}  After cutting the squares out of the scrap ply wood we then realized the extra was the exact size we needed and the squares didn't have to be cut.  {haha!!}

 Next was painting the molding.  For the space we choose black lacquer.

 Once the mirrors were all glued down with Liquid Nails we began the gluing of the corks {all 500 of them!!}  Surprisingly this was a fast process.  I would have liked to have clear glue, but the client had this on hand.

 Once the corks were all glued and we let it dry for a minute we installed the D rings to the back of the mirror and....

 SO VERY HAPPY with the way it looks on the wall!  I love the cork, and the bevel of the mirror.  It is a great way to add a little custom, and personal style to the space.  These clients love wine {as do I... } so being able to use the cork that they have been collecting over the years was a great way to personalize the project.  It was a trip down memory lane seeing all of the names of the wines... and the different phases we were in {yes the clients are friends, and we drink wine together OFTEN!}


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