March 15, 2011

Spa Bathrooms {on a SAVVY budget}

Today I am treating my best friend to our her "Birthday Pedicure & Lunch" day.  This has been made a tradition over the years... instead of presents we treat each other to a luxurious spa pedicure {completed with a bottle of champagne} and a very long lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant on the patio.  I am so looking forward to being pampered a little!!

It is easy to make your bathroom feel like a spa with a soothing color palette and natural materials.  I tried to figure out how to fit in a massage chair from Brookstone in the bathroom mood board, but I really don't think it could actually fit in someones bathroom!  Here are some rooms that have a very tranquil feel.

{images via Ikea, Sarah Richardson, Kohler}

Most of these bathrooms come with a pretty high $ tag!  But with some SAVVY addition you could have a spa retreat right in your home!

1.  The fastest way to change you bathroom into a tranquil space is to remove the standard stock contractors mirror that is glued to the wall.  Replace it with this. $90

2.  When you remove the big mirror you will have some wall space to fill.  Add some great glass shelves and top them some pretty perfume bottles, and a bud vase with a pretty flower. $25

3.  I love the look of glass tile... especially if it is in watery blues and greens.  Not everyone can just add tile to their bathroom, but if you are taking down a really big mirror... maybe you could tile that wall and then add the mirrors and shelf.  {I did just that for a client see pics, here!!!} Glass tile, 18.95 a sqft

4.  Your bathroom can only feel like a space if it is calming and refreshing.  Adding a great serene wall color will calm your nerves, but not make you look to washed out when it is time to put your make up on.

5.  A new trend is using river rock tile sheets for the floor of a shower or bottom of a tub.  But a SAVVY way to add the river rock {without tearing your shower pan out} is to get a river rock bath mat.  It will create the same feel, and you will still get the amazing feeling under your feet.  $48

6.  Get a big soft fluffy bathrobe!

7.  If you have the space add a bit of sparkle with a glass cart next to your bathtub.  It is the perfect place to set a magazine and a glass of wine! $45

8.  Natural weave baskets are a great place to keep cotton pads and Q-tips.

9.  I have had this picture forever!! I love the basket weave look of the Carrara marble.

10.  A towel warmer is a great way to get the spa experience in your everyday life. $70

11.  Whenever I see white towels I always think spa!  Unfortunately until I no longer have boys living in my house I will never be able to have them!  But how nice would it be to have big, soft, thick towels to hang on the towel warmer? $36 {set of 4}
Enjoy your spa right in your own home!

{It still is not a visit to the pedi salon... but it is a SAVVY second!}