March 2, 2011

No Cost SAVVY Re-Design Part 1

Every couple months {mostly with the season's} I get an itch to redo my house.  Not just freshening up the decor, completely change it out!  Now I know that I can't do this... my budget and the hubs would never allow it.  So I settled for changing up my tabletops by moving some thing around and bringing out things that have been in the cabinets.

Here is what I changed in my Family Room:

 My mantel is not very big so I am limited to what I can put on it.  I have been trying to get away from red as my sole accent color, but since red is what I have, it will be red.

 My wine frig is in my family room on the edge of the kitchen eating area.  I know that may seem weird to some people, but we like our wine, and like having it conveniently placed!  We use the wine opener daily and collect corks {if you collect corks check out this fun DIY mirror I just did for a client, here} I am going to make a door wreath with them one of these days... Future Weekend DIY!  The glass vase that was on the left is the same vase, I just added the top to it and paired it with another apothecary jar I had in the cabinets.  I love the texture of the sea-grass place mat, cork, and pop of red with the flowers.

I do want to purchase some things to do a complete the re-design.
 This is my entertainment center.  This was purchased about 5 years ago when we purchased our plasma and also had a crawling child that would touch every button.  We needed something simple and enclosed so this Ikea cabinet was the perfect solution.  It is the perfect storage solution for DVD's, and the magazines I can't throw away.  Short of changing the whole furniture selection... {which is not going to happen until we are not renters anymore} I would like to change out the magazine organizers with some other color and maybe wrap all of my books with the same fabric:

 Both of these lamps are from Ikea.  I would keep the bases but change out the shade with a fun square {like this, here.  I think I saw something like this @ Target for 12.99!} shade and a fun fabric {something in red, orange and green?}... I'm still searching for the fabric.

Now I have to note, that not everyone is going to have as much stuff in there reserves as I do.  It has taken years of collecting and editing... but that doesn't mean that you can't make a SAVVY no cost re-design in your own house.

I am also in the process of changing up all of the tabletops in my dining room and living room...

look for part II and III to come!