July 10, 2014

My House | Sneak Peak

Here is a little sneak peak... 
I have a few more things to do in this space and then I will reveal.

Where do you think this is, and what do you think about it?
One more day closer to the weekend.... 

July 7, 2014

New From Ikea....

New From Ikea

This weekend I took a quick trip around Ikea with my SIL who just moved into a new house.  I literally had nothing to shop for {that never happens!!} so I was just able to look.  Several new tags caught my attention!

1. I am loving this console table in the grey!  It used to just come in white, but they nail the grey color
2.  There is this whole new series of open storage.  The tone of the wood is great and the white detail adds a perfect modern accent.
3.  Who doesn't love this peacock color?  This was not that big, but could totally be used for a kids room or a storage closet for toy in a playroom.
4.  This bedding is perfect.  The color combo and the graphic lines... so need to find a client who needs this color scheme.
5.  I was dying over this wishbone chair!  And the price point... $89.99!!  Oh... and several colors too!
6.  That chair with this table... lovely!
7.  I am a sucker for a good thick cutting board.  This would be perfect for daily use and serving cheese and apps on.
8.  That graphic pattern from the bedding made it onto a rug.  I could work this into my house!

July 4, 2014

This Week...

Wow!! This week flew by, and to be honest half of this year!  
Happy 4th of July!
Today I will be lounging by in the pool since it will be 100 degrees here in Nor Cal.  We have decided KFC is the way to go for food so no one has to cook, and we will just be relaxing!
Here is my savvy hot list for this week.

Remodelaholic has included my sweet pre-teen headboard in there headboard round up today!  Thank you so much!  Also, if you have a headboard to share, link up tomorrow.  And if you don't stop by for some amazing future DIYs.

Since I am now slightly obsessed with white walls, I want to paint my hallway white and then lay it on thick with framed art.  Not sure if I will pick a color frame or keep it simple with black.  

Have you tried Pinstagram?
It is a app and website that will print your Instagram photos in several different ways.  Right now I am lusting over the poster.  Maybe my future new white hallway will be filled with this sort of photo collage.  Be sure to check out the books you can make too!
I came across this charging station in a magazine this week.  I love that it can hold a laptop and an iPad!  I currently have all of my charger cables nested into a tray, but I could really get used to this!

I have been lusting after this outfit for such a long time!  It just screams casual elegance to me!

I made this chicken this week and it was AMAZING!  It was so good the hubs and I could not stop eating them!  It may not be 4th food, but for sure something to make and share!

Please have a safe and fun 4th of July celebration, and take a moment to remember why we celebrate this day.... Home of the free BECAUSE of the brave!

July 3, 2014

My House | Now What?

Since painting my entry white, I have had a few people over and all of them had said something like this: "why is it so bare in here?" or "you are not just going to keep it white, are you?"
To be honest I love the fresh feeling of the white paint.  As I was painting it, I was dealing with the shock in my head that I was painting a wall white.  Since I have moved from the rental with all contractor flat white walls, I am pretty sure I swore to myself that I would never have white walls again!  So I have been toying with many ideas in my head.  This is a great room to add some texture and/or a statement.  First impression of the inside of the house, and it is clearly defined as a space.
But just what do I do?
This image is still staying with me.  Probably because I already have the stencil so in my mind this would be very low cost.  But, I am not sure I want to go back to this pattern.

I found this image a couple of weeks ago and have been in love ever since.  I love the organic texture and movement... but also love that it looks like it would be the easiest DIY ever!

I am also thinking totally opposite would keep it calm and refreshing.  So maybe a tone on tone stencil with a little bit of glam would be nice too!  I would do a slightly off white stencil with an addition of some pearliness.  

This pattern is super simple, but still makes a statement.  It is not super busy... so that is a plus.

I also have this stencil, and still love it.  Although I have been thinking about using it in my bedroom, a black and white pattern would make a huge statement in the entry.

What is your pick?
Add texture or add boldness?

July 2, 2014

My House | Entry Walls Reveal

If you have not noticed by last weeks posts, I have been slightly obsessed with white walls.
So I bit the bullet and put it on the wall!

I am sure this in not the typical reveal you are used to!  HA!  But... I LOVE it!  One of the things I love about this house is that we have an entry way.  The only down side is that there is no windows so it can be very dark most of the day.  I never thought the stenciling made it look small or dark, but now that it is white... HUGE difference!
P.S. These pics do not do the room justice!
I know it seems a little boring, but I don't think I am done.  This is the perfect space to add some texture... just not exactly sure what direction I am headed yet.

While painting I did struggle a little bit on where my stopping point should be.  If you follow me on Instagram {@savvydesign} then you saw me post this question.  Should I stop the paint in the entry at the bullnose {I HATE those corners BTW} or should I wrap the white around the bump outs and finish in the living room?  It was a 50/50 split.

I decided to wrap the white.  Eventually I will be adding some sort of chair rail and wainscoting to the living/dining room and painting the upper wall a different color, and I think this will be the best flow for the space and blend in that architectural detail when it is installed.

What would you have done?
Stop in the entry or wrap into the living room?

July 1, 2014

July 4th Last Minute Party Ideas

Even though the 4th is just 3 days away {can you believe it is already July?!?!?!} you can still put together an amazing savvy 4th of July party.
I did a quick round up of some mouth watering menu ideas and decor to round out your party!
left to right, top to bottom
1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12 || 13 || 14 || 15

left to right, top to bottom
1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12

What are you plans for the 4th?

June 30, 2014

Client Project | Modern Asian Apartment

Modern Asian Apartment
I am working on a 650 sqft apartment for a new E-Design client.  They have been traveling/living in Asia for the last 2 years for work, and have made it back to the states to settle down.  They have nothing but a budda collection and some keepsakes from their travels, so we need everything.  They wanted a classic modern look and I added a dash of asian.  I kept the pallet neutral, but added pops of color and texture.  They have a very limited budget, but nothing about this design says budget.

June 27, 2014

This Week...

Happy Friday!
Here are the things that are catching my eye this week:

Have you heard of Keep.com?  It is like Pinterest but everything on here you can buy!  You can also shop Instagram!  They have a very unique curated collection of fashion, gifts, and home decor!  You must check it out!  You will need a large credit card balance or a lot of self restraint!

I think this outfit is amazingly chic!

I came across this room from  Bless @ Home, and of course the stencil caught my eye.  I was thinking I needed to get rid of mine, but maybe I should just do it over again in black.  Hmmmm...

Have you heard of Flipagram yet?  My friend just turned me onto it, and I LOVE IT!  It is a quick memory book set to music.  Of course it can be shared to all of the social sites and embedded in blogs!  It is super simple to use... the hardest part was picking the music!

Banana Ice Cream is my new favorite dessert!  Despite the name and the fact that it only has one main ingredient, it does NOT taste like bananas!  I have made it a few times and have put different mix ins, this week it was Andes mints.  I have done chocolate chips and peanut butter.  Next I am going to try coco powder!

Banan Ice Cream
{serves 2}

2 bananas, sliced 
1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

Slice bananas and layout on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.  Place sheet in freezer for 12-24 hours.  Add frozen sliced banana to a food processor with any mix ins.  Process for 2-5 mins, stopping a couple times to scrape the sides down.  Add vanilla and process for a few more seconds.  Scoop out ice cream and enjoy!

Seriously... your dessert is 1 banana!
Find some great mix in ideas here.