April 23, 2014

How To | Simple Pinch Pleat Curtains

Thank you for all of the sweet comments about these curtains!  I know I promised the post a few weeks ago... I have been just pure lazy about it!  Kind of like how lazy I was about making these curtains... ha!  Originally I was inspired by Linda's tutorial by taking regular Ikea curtains and turning them into amazing custom pinch pleat drapes.  It was very helpful, but after one I decided to simplify the sewing part... see- lazy!

Supplies Needed: 
Ikea {or any ready made} Panels
Sewing machine
straight pins
4" Buckram
Drapery hooks
{both found in the drapery tool isle in Joann's}

I used the Rivita panels from Ikea.  I love these because they have a great texture are easily painted, and as you can see I decided to use a trellis stencil for these.  Once they were stenciled I started at the bottom.  I measured out the buckram the length of the panel.  Since most pre-made panels are not completely even, I laid out the buckram, pinned it, and then trim the bottom as needed.  Next sew the buckram to the panel online the bottom length.
Fold the 4" over, iron, pin and sew both the top and bottom of the buckram.  Next it is time to measure out the pleats.  I started by measuring the panel width and then divided that by the number of pleats I wanted.  I had 7 rings per panel and using Linda's guide to 4" for each pleat gave me a spacing of 4" between the pleats and 2" on each side.  You can see my pins starting 2" in, 3 pins every 2" and then a 4" gap.
Those pins become the folds of the pleats.  Once you have folded your pleats and removed your pins it is time to sew the pleats together.  I placed the foot of my sewing machine as close to the folded fabric as possible.  Sew the length of the buckram.  Once the 3 pleats have been sewn together, sew the base of the pleat following the same stitch of the buckram.  I found it easier to use my back stitch switch... I have an $100 sewing machine with not a lot of horsepower, so the triple thickness of fabrics was a little hard to get through.  I should upgrade, but it works for me now!

Even if you don't get all three pleats in the first stitch, the stitch at the bottom will secure it completely.
Next it is time to insert the drapery hook.  The placement will be determined by the ring you have and the size of the rod... mine was 2 1/4" at the base of the hook.

I love the look of pinch pleat drapes!  Typically when I do custom pinch pleat I have my workroom do them, and they are lined and heavy.  But since I didn't want to bother with lining I inserted some drapery weights at the corners of the hems.  They are hanging perfectly!

April 22, 2014

Savvy Shopping | Spring Casual

I am loving the 70+ weather here in Nor Cal!  As the weather is getting warmer I have slowly been pulling out the shorts and tanks from their winter storage, but I have not made room in my closet for them!  I feel like as soon as I put the winter stuff away, it will rain and be cold for a week!
I have been eyeing a few new pieces for my spring closet... I love light, airy, and simple for warm weather.  Here are some for sure pieces I will be adding.  And since they are so affordable, I can have them all!

Spring Casual Brunch

Spring Casual Errands

What is on your spring shopping list?

April 21, 2014

Spring Break | Beach Camping

Wow... a whole week can go by in a flash!  Did everyone have a great Easter?
Last week the boys were on spring break from school and though I didn't intend to take a blogging break with them, that is what seemed to happen!
 I didn't think I needed one... I am sure happy I took it!
Lots of time was spend playing in the pool with friends, but the highlight was beach camping on the north Cali coast!  The trip was perfect with great weather and great friends!

Happy Monday!

April 14, 2014

Spring Break & Spring Cleaning

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?
Me... I survived my son's first sleep over party!  I had a lot of help, but I won't be doing that anytime soon... ha!  On Sunday the aftermath of the popcorn and new toys sent me into a deep clean up and clean out mode in the boys playroom!  I love purging in my piles... trash, donate, give to friends/family.
Once that was done I decided I was in the mode... so don't let it stop and just keep it going this week!  The boys are on spring break this week so it is the perfect time to stay home, let them enjoy the sun and play outside while I get do deep cleaning this house.  I started searching Pinterest for some helpful spring cleaning checklists and this one caught my eye.
Free printable from original site

I am also on a mission to make a home binder to log when and what we cleaned, but also when we have had to do maintenance and repair on appliances and such like that.
Is it weird I get excited about cleaning my house out?
What are your spring cleaning methods... get any good tips for me?

April 10, 2014

Client Project | Gma's House... DEMO Day!

Last week I shared my Grandma's {Gma's} "new to her" house.  But from the pics you can see it is not all that new.

The house is small so we {and by we I mean myself, my mom, and my dad} needed to maximize as much of the room as possible and that would be hard to do with these funky walls blocking the flow! 

Here is how my Gma purchased the house.  The dining and entry are also open to this space but have defined spaces.  
And here is the proposed plan:
Luckily all of the walls we wanted to take out were not load bearing and could be removed.  With keys in had yesterday morning we started demo!

Typically my dad likes to do all of the work, but for this go around we hired a contractor.  My dad will keeping a few projects for himself... he just wouldn't be happy watching from the sidelines!
And by the end of the day... 

The last picture is from the entry way.. all that open space!  And like most of my pictures... they do not even represent how amazing it looks in person!  I love it already!

This is a true 6 week or less project because we are doing all of this before we move her in! 

I will also be linking up to the 
over on  Linda's fab blog!  I am excited to have a project to share!  Be sure to check out the others participating every Thursday and see how everyone else's rooms are turning out!