April 14, 2014

Spring Break & Spring Cleaning

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?
Me... I survived my son's first sleep over party!  I had a lot of help, but I won't be doing that anytime soon... ha!  On Sunday the aftermath of the popcorn and new toys sent me into a deep clean up and clean out mode in the boys playroom!  I love purging in my piles... trash, donate, give to friends/family.
Once that was done I decided I was in the mode... so don't let it stop and just keep it going this week!  The boys are on spring break this week so it is the perfect time to stay home, let them enjoy the sun and play outside while I get do deep cleaning this house.  I started searching Pinterest for some helpful spring cleaning checklists and this one caught my eye.
Free printable from original site

I am also on a mission to make a home binder to log when and what we cleaned, but also when we have had to do maintenance and repair on appliances and such like that.
Is it weird I get excited about cleaning my house out?
What are your spring cleaning methods... get any good tips for me?

April 10, 2014

Client Project | Gma's House... DEMO Day!

Last week I shared my Grandma's {Gma's} "new to her" house.  But from the pics you can see it is not all that new.

The house is small so we {and by we I mean myself, my mom, and my dad} needed to maximize as much of the room as possible and that would be hard to do with these funky walls blocking the flow! 

Here is how my Gma purchased the house.  The dining and entry are also open to this space but have defined spaces.  
And here is the proposed plan:
Luckily all of the walls we wanted to take out were not load bearing and could be removed.  With keys in had yesterday morning we started demo!

Typically my dad likes to do all of the work, but for this go around we hired a contractor.  My dad will keeping a few projects for himself... he just wouldn't be happy watching from the sidelines!
And by the end of the day... 

The last picture is from the entry way.. all that open space!  And like most of my pictures... they do not even represent how amazing it looks in person!  I love it already!

This is a true 6 week or less project because we are doing all of this before we move her in! 

I will also be linking up to the 
over on  Linda's fab blog!  I am excited to have a project to share!  Be sure to check out the others participating every Thursday and see how everyone else's rooms are turning out!

April 9, 2014

My House | Living Room Drapes

Do you ever have one of those projects that get started and then seem to never get finished?  
That was how I felt about my drapes in my living/dining room.  I originally had the black and white striped panels in there... but I quickly fell out of love with them.  I move a set into my black and white bathroom to use as a shower curtain and now I am back in love with them.  So after leaving the windows bare for a while I decided I wanted some thing with pattern, and something a little softer.
First let me note that I was in a rush to take these pictures before I had a load of kids coming over to play so they are not my best... and lets be real, I still have no clue how to use me DSL camera!  That really is the project I started and have not finished; reading the instruction book to my camera!
Bad Blogger!

Sorry I digress... 
 I have always loved the trellis pattern and just so happened to have the stencil from a client project.  I also knew I wanted to keep these rooms a little more formal so I thought pinch pleats were in order.

I started by following Linda's tutorial for pinch pleats and then ended up tweaking it a little.  I will share a full tutorial next week and a super great secret on how to get the perfect pleats!

April 8, 2014

Client Project | My Parents Master Bathroom

Soon after we finished my parents modern vintage guest bathroom, my dad got started on the other bathroom in the house... their master.  My mom and I were actually sourcing and planning before we were even done with the guest bath, and my dad rolled right into the master.  Yes that is how my parents work... non stop!  And since he got started before I could even blink my eyes... I did not get any before pics.  Oh well.. the after pretty pics are what you want to see anyways!
Just like in the modern vintage guest bath, we didn't change the footprint of the space.  We just updated the finishes and added some architectural details.  Originally the cabinet was shift to the right, directly against the right wall.  We simply painted out the existing cabinet and shifted it the be centered in the opening. 

To add some interest and create a focal point we built small pony walls on either side of the vanity.  Then we took the faux pillar look up the wall to frame in the vanity mirror and new sconces.  Painting the moulding a contrasting color was a last minute decision by my mom, but I really think it makes a huge impact!

My mom fell in love with this sink in a magazine!  I love the square shape and detail on the sides.  At first my mom was not sure about the oil rubbed bronze finishes, but once we selected the tile it all made sense!  My dad had to spray the shower surround to match... and we were lucky enough to find an "as close to frameless" shower door from a big box store as opposed to having to pay for a custom one of this size!  And it has a super cool track!
Slate tile has been in my moms "want to use it somewhere" list for awhile, but she hasn't really found a place for it.  This bathroom was perfect!  We found a ceramic tile that looks and feels like slate but with out the price point and natural stone issues.  We used the backsplash tiles to create a fun tile pattern on the floor.
And of course we didn't want the water closet to be ignored, so my dad installed some left over breadboard from the guest bath.
The bathroom looks great and now has a great focal point wall!
My parents house is pretty close to being done and fully remodeled!

April 7, 2014

My House | Backyard Update

I am so excited this next week is going to be 80 degrees here all week long!  
The hubs took advantage of the weather and worked on one of our retaining walls.  We need this one done so we can install the pool gate.  His first shot at DIY masonry and it turned out fabulous!

 The pool gate will go from the corner of the house along the wood and concrete up the planter, attaching to the other cinderblock wall.

Though this is shorts, tank top, and poolside weather to me... my pool is still only 62 degrees!  None the less, my boys are still playing in it so I need to have some essentials to be comfortable!  I did a quick round up of some items I have had my eye on lately that I need for poolside lounging!
1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9

As you can see in the pics my backyard needs some color and some softening!  I love the pots for pops of color with a flax or a small sego palm.  I also am digging these loungers!  I have been on the hunt for something that was simple and affordable and these are it!  I really want to stock up on the turkish towels for the pool.  They are super soft and you know I love my stripes!  Music, cooler, acrylic wine glass and shades make me ready to go!

Happy Manic Monday!

April 3, 2014

Currently Working On...

Hot damn, it is Thursday!  This week just flew by, and I have not even found a second to write a post let alone get any DIY projects completed in my house to share with you!  But such is my chosen career... always other people projects and mine in the spare time.  I would not have it any other way!
So with the lack of completed DIY's to tell you about I thought I would share some exciting things been keeping me busy this week... 
Cheryl from O'verlays sent me these amazing O'verlays for a product review!  Two very amazing DIY's are on their way... spare time pending!  I can already say that she has been a doll to work with so I am sure her product will follow suit!
Over the weekend I started DIY Pinch Pleat draperies for my living/dining room.  I have 2 pretty much done... 2 more to go!  I am thrilled with the way they turned out... I have been using Linda's tutorial from Calling It Home.  She is pure genius!  She also kicked off her infamous series One Room Challenge today (I was honored to take the challenge the first two times around).  This tutorial is from her last ORC.  

But the project that has been on the forefront is my Grandma's reno of her new house!  I have been waiting a bit to share this project, mostly because she was still in the process of buying.  But today she signed papers with title and she will close next week!  I want to have all of the work done by the time she moves in on the 1st of June... so my wheels have been spinning!  With a large chunk of help from my parents, we are going to make this house amazing!  Here are a few of the selections I have worked up for her.  I have previously called my Gma's style "Asian Granny."  She loves traditional touches of foo-foo and delicate florals but with an asian twist.
Here are some quick shots of the existing house.

What would you do to transform this space?