July 18, 2014

My House | DIY Abstract Circle Wall Treatment

I know I have teased this for a while... so sorry for the delay in revealing it!
I was planning on leaving my entry white for a while, or maybe not doing anything in there at all... ha!  One day my friend was over and we were chatting about the entry.  I was showing her some of my ideas and her face lit up when I showed her this picture:
My face pretty much did the same thing when I saw it, so I knew it was the right choice!
After a few moments of debating how we should go about this, we were brushes into to some black paint I had on hand!  I had flat black, and I love the way it adds some texture against 
the eggshell wall.  
We used about 3 different size paint brushes, and just randomly drew circles.  I loved that they didn't look perfect and some brush strokes where left not filled in.  In total it took us about 45 minutes and 2 beers each to finish my entry.  

This could not be any easier!  The point is to make it look hand done, so nothing is perfect!
I could not be more happy with the choice!  It seriously makes me smile every time I glance in that direction!  And now for the next step...
What do I do with this table?
I am thinking about keeping the ostrich vinyl and painting it a different color?  What color?  Or doing a totally different fabric?  Some bold pattern?  

What direction would you go? 

Happy Friday!

July 16, 2014

Floating Shelf Styling

I have the itch to change out my decor on the floating shelves around my TV.
{Really old pic, but the best one I could find}
I love my Readers Digest Condensed books for a pop of color and the clean lines, but should I add to them, go more edited?  I perused for some inspiration on good old Pinterest... here were some of my favorites.

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 

July 15, 2014

Savvy Inspiration | Nate Berkus Associates

I came across this 5 bedroom rehab in Chicago via Domino yesterday and I have not been able to get it out of my head!  I have locked this into my inspiration file... and you should too!

I am loving all of the gold and brass fixtures and hardware... and LOVE that wall paper in the powder room!  Simple, but lovely!  And I coveting the mix material dining table... wood and concrete, always one of my favorites!

July 14, 2014

How To | Simple Pineapple Palm Trees

It might be said that my parents and I are seasoned luau party throwers.  In the last 4 years we have thrown 4 luaus {see a past one here}!  
Hey... when you do something well why not, and who doesn't love a luau?
This event was for my Grandma's 80th Birthday!  As an Ohana from Kona, she spent 10 years there enjoying the sun and aloha spirit, but has moved back to the mainland to be closer to family. {See her house remodel here}.  So what a better way to celebrate her birthday then to bring some of the islands to her.  We did full luau menu and hula dancers... it was a great day!
For the last couple luaus we have built some cute pineapple palm trees to add height to the buffet table.  I have gotten a few emails asking how I get them to stay, so I thought it would be a perfect time for a little how to.

Items Needed: 
1/2" Plywood cut into 12x12 squares
PVC pipe {about 1.5"-2"}
PVC cap to match
Nut, Washer, Bolt
Small plastic plate
3 pineapples, cored
1 large fern stem

My dad starts with simple plywood {about 1/2"} and cuts it down to a 12"x12" square.  I rounded the corners so tray would be able to fit on the table... totally optional.  Next drill out a small hole, about 1" wide and 1/4 deep, so the nut can be recessed in the bottom of the ply wood.  Then drill a hole through the ply wood to fit the bolt.  Place the plate, cap {that has also been drilled to fit the bolt} and then secure with washer and nut.  Screw in the PVC pipe into the cap.
To core the pineapples, we used a pineapple corer that you can pick up at any grocery store.  It guts the fruit leaving the shell fully in tack.  Once you have the exact height of the pineapple trunk then trim the PVC pipe to size.  We go 3 pineapples high.  Then insert fern stems into the PVC.
We used banana leaves to cover the plywood base, but you could use napkins or fabric.


July 10, 2014

My House | Sneak Peak

Here is a little sneak peak... 
I have a few more things to do in this space and then I will reveal.

Where do you think this is, and what do you think about it?
One more day closer to the weekend.... 

July 7, 2014

New From Ikea....

New From Ikea

This weekend I took a quick trip around Ikea with my SIL who just moved into a new house.  I literally had nothing to shop for {that never happens!!} so I was just able to look.  Several new tags caught my attention!

1. I am loving this console table in the grey!  It used to just come in white, but they nail the grey color
2.  There is this whole new series of open storage.  The tone of the wood is great and the white detail adds a perfect modern accent.
3.  Who doesn't love this peacock color?  This was not that big, but could totally be used for a kids room or a storage closet for toy in a playroom.
4.  This bedding is perfect.  The color combo and the graphic lines... so need to find a client who needs this color scheme.
5.  I was dying over this wishbone chair!  And the price point... $89.99!!  Oh... and several colors too!
6.  That chair with this table... lovely!
7.  I am a sucker for a good thick cutting board.  This would be perfect for daily use and serving cheese and apps on.
8.  That graphic pattern from the bedding made it onto a rug.  I could work this into my house!

July 4, 2014

This Week...

Wow!! This week flew by, and to be honest half of this year!  
Happy 4th of July!
Today I will be lounging by in the pool since it will be 100 degrees here in Nor Cal.  We have decided KFC is the way to go for food so no one has to cook, and we will just be relaxing!
Here is my savvy hot list for this week.

Remodelaholic has included my sweet pre-teen headboard in there headboard round up today!  Thank you so much!  Also, if you have a headboard to share, link up tomorrow.  And if you don't stop by for some amazing future DIYs.

Since I am now slightly obsessed with white walls, I want to paint my hallway white and then lay it on thick with framed art.  Not sure if I will pick a color frame or keep it simple with black.  

Have you tried Pinstagram?
It is a app and website that will print your Instagram photos in several different ways.  Right now I am lusting over the poster.  Maybe my future new white hallway will be filled with this sort of photo collage.  Be sure to check out the books you can make too!
I came across this charging station in a magazine this week.  I love that it can hold a laptop and an iPad!  I currently have all of my charger cables nested into a tray, but I could really get used to this!

I have been lusting after this outfit for such a long time!  It just screams casual elegance to me!

I made this chicken this week and it was AMAZING!  It was so good the hubs and I could not stop eating them!  It may not be 4th food, but for sure something to make and share!

Please have a safe and fun 4th of July celebration, and take a moment to remember why we celebrate this day.... Home of the free BECAUSE of the brave!